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unpacking Banyan House




















Right Click to Open. The contents will then be delivered to your Inventory.

Drag the rezzer onto the ground approximately in the center of the land (water)  space you're rezzing the home in.

The Banyan Tree Logo on the front of the rez box represents the area that will be the front entry presentation of the build.



































Edit the rezzer box to 40 meters above the SIM surface.



































Click the box to rez your Banyan Home.

The Banyan Home will start rezzing above the box in a vertical presentation.

Do not be concerned. This is intentional for accuracy of segment alignments.

It's also pretty cool to watch.



































Leaving the home unsaved and still in the vertical presentation edit the rezzer to the edge of your SIM space.



































While in edit of your rezzer, rotate the Y axis of your home to 0.

Your Banyan Home will now be in a perfectly horizontal presentation.



































Edit the rezzer to lower your home and adjust into the desired  position on  your land space.

You will note at this point a Banyan House logo plaque has appeared directly under  the rezzer box, this is your marker to have the home perfectly level with Linden Water. The plaque should sit just above the water surface. Once you have edited the general position of the home on your land by editing the rezzer box and Banyan Plaque  position until you are satisfied you are almost done.



































Save the build. You can then pick up that plaque and delete it, it's unlinked to the build and only serves the purpose of ensuring ease of accuracy for the house level.  BEFORE you do anything else, note the co-ordinates of the rezzer box. Should at some time you accidentally displace a linkset in the build you'll be able to rez a fresh copy without having the nightmare of having to edit  all your possessions & furniture into a more accurate placement. Better still, lock your floors. We've all been there, a few moments prudence at start up might just save tears of frustration later.That's it.Banyan House is yours.






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