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  • Ceiling fans,  both speed and  on-off options

  • Lamps and lighting on-off options

  • Oven Door opens and closes on touch

  • Refrigerator Doors open and close on touch

  • Built in cabinetry open and close on touch

  • Entry doors in all areas have two specific Owner only activated settings

  • Retracting drapes on touch drop or recede

  • Kitchen taps flow, water fills the sink or recedes

  • Clicking the controls under the main stove turns the flames on or off

The PATRON Banyan house features that you would normally expect to automate when not Inworld, simply do.

Items that are simply activated on touch are as follows.


Banyan House Double Door sets have two different function modes. On rez they are set to open and close automatically with a gentle 30 second delay. The alternate option for Owners is to have the doors set to manual function, should this be a preference.  As a Banyan Home Owner desiring  to change between modes, simply hold your  mouse key down for a second or more when touching the door and then, when you release it, it changes  the mode as well as notifies  you that it's done.

This Icon is exclusively seen in the staged Office Area of the Banyan House. It's a one click panel to activate a privacy screen in the area, also giving your Aquarium a beautiful abstract copper background. The World in or out, your choice.

This Icon represents another function of the Aquarium, the option to enhanced lighting for users preferring to enjoy their home in darker light settings in general without losing the potential beauty of the luminescence of the original design.

This Icon represents the Security Butler. Owner only activation. One click activation, the panel  itself will illuminate when it is in on mode & a further message given to confirm. The Security Butler quite simply sends you an IM notification when a guest arrives anywhere in your home, also when they depart. If you wish to monitor your home when not Inworld, set your offline IM's to email.

The PATRON Butler Icon. Throughout the Banyan House and it's numerous recreational spaces you will find this panel. While unhidden, they have been discreetly placed. Owners and guests have unlimited access to the Butler system on touch. Once familiar with your home you will know exactly where each is located, all areas have  been covered without the potential of unwarranted visual intrusion.

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