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technology part two

Both the PATRON Banyan House  and all content contained within use the new Experience Tools that Linden Lab introduced in mid-2015.


These permit for a far more organic  immersive experience when Avatars and objects interact. In particular, they allow items to rez and attach to you and your guests automatically, without you having to click on permissions dialogs each time.  These attachments attach only temporarily, which means when they are removed (or when you log out) they delete themselves. 


In brief, you need to allow particular Experiences to run on your land.  The PATRON Banyan House uses two  Experiences,  one generic one used by the AvSitter furniture system and the other  created specially for PATRON builds, The PATRON Experience.




To enable experiences on your land


While you are on your land, click on World>Place Profile.


Click on Parcel, and the About Land button (you will need to scroll down in the Parcel Window -- the button is down at the bottom).


In the About Land window, click on the arrow button on the top right to advance the tab names until you see the Experiences tab.


Click on Add, in the top window (Allowed Experiences).  The Choose Experience window will open.


Set the "Max Content Rating" filter to M or A. The PATRON Experience is a Moderate one, since  both the Banyan House and some


specific automated  furniture contain adult animations.


Type Patron in the search window, and click "Go".  


When "The PATRON Experience," owned by Eliza Wierwight, appears in the lower window, ensure it is selected and then click "OK".


The Experience should now appear in the "Allowed Experiences" window in About Land.


Repeat the procedure to enable the Experience AvSitter, owned by Code Violet, on your land.




The first time you, or one of your guests, interacts with an  item that uses either Experience. 


A permissions dialog window appears, and you are asked if you want to participate in the experience.   Click OK.


That is the only time the Experience will need to ask your permission before it attaches items, animates you, teleports you, and does various


other things it would normally need to ask about each time. 




You can revoke Experience permissions any time you desire to.   


Simply go to the Me menu (Avatar in Firestorm), click on Experiences, and you will see a list of all the Experiences in which you participate.


Simply select the one you wish to leave.  This brings up that Experience's profile.  Click on Forget, and that immediately revokes permissions.



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