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unpacking  PATRON house 2016

A little preparation goes a long way. Ideally the SIM terrain should be lowered so it's underwater. Approximately the height of an average Avatar with their head just above the water is ideal.


Unpack your PATRON House 2016 rezzer and edit it to approximately 10 meters above the water level. Ensure you're not close to a SIM edge, as that may negatively impact on rez performance outcome,  then click rez. 

In a few moments your home will have rezzed to perfection. It's  then a simple matter of editing the rezzer box down until the plaque  (adjacent to your rezzer) marking the water level  sits on the surface of the  Linden Water. This is exactly as the home was designed to be presented at it's best. When you're happy with the position, save the build. You can then delete the plaque, it's unlinked to the build and only serves the purpose of ensuring ease of accuracy for the house level.  


BEFORE you do anything else, note the co-ordinates of the rezzer box. Should you at some time you accidentally displace a linkset in the build,  you'll be able to rez a fresh copy without having the nightmare of having to edit all your possessions & furniture into a more accurate placement. Better still, lock your floors. We've all been there, a few moments prudence at start up might just save tears of frustration later.


That's it, PATRON House 2016 is yours. I hope it brings you much joy and many, many happy memories.

Eliza Wierwight


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