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When I set about designing this home, it was imperative to me to create far more than mere rooms, I needed to create evocative spaces that take us to exotic places, sensual spaces,  environments with visual synchronicity. It was  also  important to me that within the context of the original design foundations  that I stood slightly aside my own inherent  style and produce a space for people to truly indulge their own passions. I therefore hand you a key to a room that says this is truly my own, no matter how you define that.


Whether it's a personal Art Gallery, an Indoor Film theatre where you can sit in a fabulous sports car & laugh or make out. Does your  own 'Fifty Shades of Grey' scening room entice, an Underground Nightclub to party with your own personal crew.......Name your poison.


Currently there have been a few diversions mused for your potential pleasure. The Imagine sports car equipped with animations ranging from snugly  to erotic will not fail to please as alternate couples  seating. The Tiny Dancer pole design with special effects is pure  seduction that quite  possibly has  expanded  the humble art to an entirely different realm. There will be fuller modules released for the PATRON Imagine Room over time, as I dream, design  and create them as options for your consideration. In the interim. Welcome Home.

Eliza Wierwight

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