Giant Arch
The lagoon area is framed by a giant rock archway. Intentional, conveying security in your private haven.
Mesh Detailing
Mesh has been used where complimentary to the pictures in Eliza's head as she designed. Quite simply, wonderful, wonderful stuff.
Generous semi formal dining
An semi alfresco area opening to the interior lanai water gardens & adjacent to the Chefs kitchen and servery portico.
Interior Staging
Sensual, eclectic & hedonistic with no observance to 'on trend' the decor is instinctual to Eliza's inherent personal style. Inworld or out.
Private Lagoon & Linden Water
Considered a room of it's own, though the perpetual backdrop to this open home, it's intent clearly recreational.
Intentional beyond design
There are two fireplaces in the home to represent warmth and emotive depth. Comfort indifferent of geography.
More than aesthetics.
The Banyan House was designed to share. Effortless, evocative, and expected.
A Master Suite like no other.
With one wall entirely open to the beautiful lagoon area and Banyan Tree beyond, yet retaining genuine intimacy. A perfect meld.
Upper Level Recreational Area
Aside the Upper level pool is another casual space to share, a gathering point, a place to listen to music, to laugh, to read, to share.
Upper Level Guest Suite
Whether guests,friends or family. The Upper level Suite retains it's own unique identity, an island of tranquility.
PATRON Butler Acoustic Guitar Option
One of the PATRON Butler system unique activity options presented throughout the home both for you and your guests.
The Banyan House Aquarium
Seen above in it's optional privacy setting, the Aquarium can also be seen from the front presentation of Banyan House.
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