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PATRON General Manager         Kamalin Bailey

PATRON Technology Curator     Via appointment


Please make  enquiries  directly to our General Manager Kamalin Bailey.

She will be more than happy to consult directly with our Technology Curator further on your behalf.


Notecards Inworld  are always an incredibly welcome & efficient way to also make  contact, they are best sent  directly to our General Manager Kamalin Bailey. Eliza Wierwight is prone to intense creative sojourns that  require that our General Manager keep her both   safely in line  but also in check. Therefore Kamalin Bailey remains the most astute first port of call for timely assistance and information.


Inquiries regarding  the PATRON Banyan House, PATRON in general, PATRON creations and Art are all welcome. We take immense pride in extending customer satisfaction to sheer bliss where attainable.


Our General Manager Kamalin Bailey extends a  competence and  finesse which heralds the genuine importance and respect in which we hold PATRON customers & PATRON Experience  Private Group Members.

Success! Message received.

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