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miscellaneous notes

Some of the retractable  drapes in the Banyan House  have intentional dual textures. As an example, in the Master Bedroom Suite on the lower level you will note that when the drapes are in the dropped position,  the view from the internal  space is a sheer fabric application with a solid border. Thus permitting the outdoors in,  though maintaining a level of ambiance. Those same drapes when viewed from outside have a solid bamboo textile offering a fuller degree of privacy.


Retractable  drapes in the  complimenting Master Bedroom Ensuite bathroom  are slightly different in as much as they stop short of the window ledges intentionally for much the same reason as above though in a solid texture on both sides, offering a slightly more robust sense of privavcy. That  gap between the ledge and the fully dropped drape, is a considered  design decision to permit slices of landscape open to view on the periphery.



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