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warmest greetings and welcome to Patron

Please click this sign & obtain a landmark to return here any time at your leisure. As there have been some significant changes to the SIM we genuinely appreciate our guests who have kindly included this location in their profile picks. It's that kind of generous support that makes creating environments to share such a distinct & ongoing pleasure.

We'd also care to draw your attention to fact that all Patron content uses the latest Experiences Tools in order  to provide the most organic and effortless interactions in relation to animations, complimentary props and many other significant  creative applications.

Almost effortless, the NEW Experience Tools are detailed on the notecard that will be offered from this vendor when clicked.

Again, welcome to Patron. The environment here will continue to evolve and we look forward to welcoming you back over and over again.

Should you require any assistance please contact the Patron Manager Kamalin Bailey or Patron Concierge Roger Whitefalcon. Alternately please feel welcome to email directly from our website.

Eliza Wierwight

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