Banyan House Imperial Guard Lions
Imposing and beautiful, the Banyan House entry sets a pace that speaks to the security of the sacred beyond. Your home.
PATRON Banyan House
Designed by Eliza Wierwight, founded in the beauty of imagination and nature.
A Considered Environment
While designing & creating Banyan House, Eliza constantly reviewed & reconsidered the space. The result, an effortless aesthetic.
Complete Design
Banyan House has immense care to detail. Movement plays an integral part, from it's random butterflies to it's water plants. Life.
PATRON Experience
Organic animation & prop systems completly unique to the PATRON Exclusive Experience by our resident Technology Curator.
Upper Level Amenities
Pool and surrounds contain Experience automations. Extensive contemporary animations & props.
The Banyan Tree
The heart that a dream, was both mused and hinged upon more two years ago, that went on to become a personal opus.
PATRON Butler System
Throughout Banyan House is the PATRON Unique Butler System. One click to summon a range of activities exactly where you desire.
AVSit Experience
Effortless non pose ball interactions with complimentary props throughout home and inclusive gardens.
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